Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Background Begins

Remember a few posts back, I had done a drawing for a scene with a Viking killing a Monk? Well as always, the drawing was redone with some major changes to the composition. I needed more action in the scene and so I pushed the Monk back more into a falling pose, extended his arms out, the bottom hand trying to break his fall and the upper hand trying to ward off the blow from the hatchet. I also pushed all the action down to the lower portion of the scene, so Icould leave room at the top for any copy a publisher would want to include in a book cover space. Finally satisfied with the design, I took the drawing to Staples, got my copy and headed home to fix it to the masonite board. You know how I hate backgrounds......well I did this sky just after doing the background for Mercury/Hermes. Two in one day. Now I don't have to ruin another painting day with more background work. I already see the background is not as dramatic as I envision it and will probably go back into it tomorrow and punch up the colors and drama. Oh and remember the new color(Sepia) I have been experimenting with? Well, it was great for the sea behind the Monk.

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