Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finished Spec Piece and New Job

Since my little gallery closed and since the art commissions have dried up along with the economy, I decided to get a part time job to help me over the slump. Also, I reasoned that since my eyes pop wide open at 5:00 am (I am definitely a morning person) I may as well do something productive and not wake my husband who is not a morning person. It just so happens, Gusto Di Vita in Warrenton was hiring. It is the cutest little coffee drive-thru and now I am learning how to be a first rate Barista. It's only part time in the mornings and I still have 75% of my day left for the art studio. It has been a positive thing for me, I am eating less, getting more exercise and I have lost 10 lbs as of yesterday. I also finished the spec piece I started while sick. Feeling good, it turned out beautiful. OK, off to paint now. Ciao!

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