Saturday, March 31, 2012

Minerva Finished?

Well, I think I have finally finished Minerva. I toned down lots of areas, including the easel, most of The Thinker and did a tad more work to the blue dress and her hand and arms. I really took down the value of the highlights on her dress. Later, after looking at her for a month or two, I may go back in and add some shine to the highlights on the dress. I see them on the actual cloth here in the studio, but felt they looked overdone on the painting. I will remind myself to use restraint if and when I put them back in. I love painting transparent objects, but this cloth was a tough one. I will set up a still life and use this cloth again, just for practice. Of course, only after I finish up three or four of my current projects. Focus, Linda, Focus

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