Sunday, August 12, 2012

Captain Mal's Pistol

If you are a serious fan of sci fi and fantasy, then you know Capt. Mal and the movie and TV series Serenity.  Captain Mal is played by Nathan Fillion, who is on my short list of  "Who I want to be stranded on a desert island with".  Nathan also is lead actor on the TV series, Castle.   You see here, my husband Brett, (he has a list also) and he is holding the actual pistol created for Capt. Mal and the shows.  Notice the white gloves...a prerequisite for getting to hold the gun which was on display by the NRA at a gun show my husband was working at.  Brett has been an NRA Handgun Safety Instructor in the past and he was helping CS Arms, a historical militaria dealer in Upperville Virginia at the show.  
Hey Nathan,  Brett passed up the opportunity to hold Luke Skywalker's  light sabre, just to hold your gun!

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