Saturday, August 18, 2012

Poseidon Nears Completion

I am in Leesburg today and putting, what I think are the finishing touches on my portrait of Posiedon.  By the way, ever look at a word you spelled correctly and think it looks wrong?  Thats my explanation for the two spellings you see here of Poseidon..... Can you spell Alzheimers?   
So, I can honestly say this is the quickest portrait I have done so far.  It's like the little fruit basket painting I did a while just flowed from my brush and almost painted itself.  I think I may have hit my pinacle and the rest will be crap from here on out.  We will see.   Oh, and I am not  posting him on the blog.  You will just have to come to my show in April to see him and a few others that will not be shown til then.  The show is my second solo show at The Art League in the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Old Towne Alexandria.   The show is scheduled for April 2013.  More info will follow.  If you aren't on my e-mail invite list, please sign up at

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