Friday, August 17, 2012

Have A Perfect Art Day

I have been known to sign a letter with "Have A Perfect Art Day" or say goodbye to close friends with that same phrase.  The story behind it goes.....years ago, I was very unhappy in my career as a postal manager.  My dear husband asked me one day, what would be a perfect day for me, if I no longer had to work for the US Postal Service.  My reply was, to get up early and watch the sun come up, visit the National Gallery of Art, eat lunch in the National Gallery Cafe, and to spend the remainder of the day painting all the while listening to inspiring and rousing music.  And then to spend the rest of the evening with my husband, quietly reading or watching the sun go down.  To this he replied, "You are describing a perfect art day".   Since that conversation, we go our seperate ways each day by saying to each other, Have A Perfect Art Day instead of goodbye.  I honestly and sincerely wish you all "A Perfect Art Day". 

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