Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lupus Holiday

I just spent the last two afternoons on the sofa with what I call a Lupus Holiday.  Actually, it is more like having the flu.   I got a mosquito bite on Saturday while at the Studio in Leesburg.  My immune system took that bite as a signal to go into overdrive and attack the invader.  By Sunday noon, I ached all over, broke out in a rash and just generally felt too tired to get off the sofa.  My neck hurt so bad at night, I could not get much sleep.  So, I watched movies, ate forbidden goodies, and propped my drawing board against a tv tray and began another historical illustration that I have had in my head since our trip to Fort Frederick and the rendevouz up there last fall.  Today, I am back to my usual manic self, got up at 5am, did a shift at work and now headed up to visit mom in the nursing home.  I will get back home in time to resume work on the faun painting and make a decent (HEALTHY) meal for tonight. 
I will post the progress on the historical piece shortly.

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