Sunday, September 5, 2010

Barney Returns & Miniatures Exhibition

This is as good as it gets with my photography skills. I am definitely taking a class this winter! Barney paid us a visit last night just about dusk. He was right in our backyard, munching on some pear remains we put out to entice the deer closer to our house for my camera. My son and I both stepped out to follow him and snap pictures as he headed for the woods across the small lane we live on.
I will be on the blog less and less now. The miniatures exhibition is taking up all my time. I am in the process of receiving entries, putting together the show catalog and publicity for the show. Northern Virginia Magazine and Virginia Living Magazine have both requested images and interviewed me and there should be more articles in various publications in the area.
I will update as often as I can for the next two months. Ciao!

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