Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Venus Continues

I am managing to get some time in on Venus and Saint Alice even though I am extremely busy with the miniatures show.
I firmly believe in scheduling time just to create and I shut out all distractions when working at the Ice House studio.

One of my shortcomings that I am trying to overcome is my inability to get my darks right the first time. I often here artists like Everett Raymond Kinstler say "Get the values right, if you get the values correct, the colors can be off". Venus is an example of that. Her arms are in deep shadow and a brilliant light is striking her face and arms. As I look at this, I think my darks could go darker in value. I love the dark of her eyes and hair, but seem to be too light in the flesh darks. I am pretty happy with the fabric, since painting it in greys and white just to get the form and structure. Thank you Robert Liberace for that piece of advice when I was struggling with the fabric on Adonis.

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