Friday, June 10, 2011

I Made It to IMC

Well, I am finally here. The trip up took me 2 hours longer than I expected. I had not factored in New York City. Can you believe that I-95 goes right through the city? And boy was the traffic at a crawl. Then, one delay after another in Connecticut due to road construction and folks leaving work early on a Friday and headed to the shore or country. But, I come from pioneer stock and took all this in stride.

I arrived at the Morris Pratt Dormatory to check in and boy oh boy is it basic. No AIR CONDITIONING IN THE WHOLE PLACE! We get two flat sheets for our modest twin bed, two towels and one pillow case for the pillow. I never went to college and did not expect the toilet and shower arrangements. Two toilets and two shower stalls for I am guessing 8 women on this floor. Being a modest old woman, this is too much like an army barracks for me. My roommate has not arrived yet, "another surprise". Hopefully she will arrive before I turn in for the night.

Well, tomorrow should be better. If not, I may find a nice motel nearby with A/C and privacy. Oh I forgot, this room smells like old gym socks.

Good Night

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