Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More from the IMC

Another fabulous day. James Gurney and Greg Manchess gave super lectures today and this evening. I actually got the color going today. Painted a fairly decent blue sofa behind my invisible dragon and the dragons' head and body is well under way. The highlight of my day was when Greg Manchess was walking around helping students. He was with the two guys beside me and then after spending a great deal of time with them, he simply walked behind me and said, Oh yes, that's an invisible dragon, you pulled it off. And then he continued on to the next student. Earlier when he was suggesting composition changes on day two, he had said to me, "you sure you want him to be invisible? How you gonna approach that?" Greg has done tons of action book covers, such as Conan the Barbarian, movie posters and now he is doing huge traveling murals of pirates for Smithsonian. He also has a postage stamp of Mark Twain coming out at the Postal Service next month. Way Cool!
Had a great time talking with Rebecca Guay this evening also. You absolutely must google her site and check out her fantastic artwork. She is the organizer of the IMC. Thank You Rebecca

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