Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wrangling Cats

This photo shows our baby mocking birds which were born in the Alberta Spruce at the foot of my front porch steps. I can't imagine what the parents were thinking. I have five cats and also occasionally feed two others from the neighborhood. Guess where all the cats spend the lazy hazy afternoons of summer? YEP! The front porch. And so, two days ago, the parents encouraged (they pushed them) them out of the nest. Since then, I have scrambled to get the cats inside before the birds get active in the mornings. This morning I spent a lot of time gathering up my numerous cats and locked them in the basement for the day. I wonder how long it is until the babies can fly on their own? Right now they just hop about and up onto low hanging branches.

Five days until the Illustration Master Class! The excitement is building!

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