Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 2 - Way Cool, Much Better Today

Today was the official start and my second day in Amherst. We got a cold front and some rain during the night and I actually woke up needing a blanket. I am much less cranky when I am not hot and sweaty. My roommate arrived last night and we are compatible roomies. We are about the same age, love the same illustrators and we are both overly polite and accomodating. I won't go looking for a motel!

This day was fantastic and our last lecture ended at 8:30. All the faculty are soooooooo funny, generous and so supportive. I am getting more info than my brain can hold. I was so insecure until two things happened today. Early this morning a fellow student complemented me on my blog, which he has been following since we all shared our site addresses. Then he complemented me on my SCULPTURE of Medusa. I was blown away that he thought it was a 3 dimensional sculpture piece. How cool is that? The second ego boost came during the critique session. My drawing (I will post photos when I get home) got a very positive and informative critique, the highspot being......Iain McCaig, liked my dragon. Commented on it's originality, but did suggest compositional changes. Iain is the artist who did Star Wars art at Lucas Films. So I have started a rework of my drawing. I also discovered that I love Sci Fi art more than I realized.

I learned more today than I have learned in the last two years. My Brain Hurts, I Am Going to Bed Now! Goodnight

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