Monday, September 19, 2011

Final Reenactor Boy

I always put a finished piece above the fireplace on the mantel for a few days just so I can glance at it when I am not really thinking about it. This really helps me to find flaws. Guess what? I found one on the Reenactor Boy. If you check back at the older blog postings and the photos of this piece, you will notice that his black hat is the same value as the background trees on the house side of his head. I spotted this while watching TV and catching up my reading one evening. This is just the sort of thing we don't see even if we are searching for errors, but will jump out at you when your mind is on something else. So I have lightened the background trees on that side of the hat by about three values. His hat now reads as a black hat and not a continuous blob of dark value. At the same time, my husband suggested I add a powder horn, which a hunter would have had with him if he were carrying a black powder rifle. I now call this piece complete. I have already received an offer for it, but am thinking I would like to hang onto it and try to license the image or get it into prints.

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