Friday, September 2, 2011

Rockwell's Little Sister

OK, a week after Rockwell showed up, his little sister was trapped in the Hav A Heart Trap, instead of the orange cat. She was much more starved than Rockwell and wilder. She is taming down nicely though. So, she needs a name also.

I have no ideas, don't have any favorite female artists, except maybe Cecilia Beaux or Berthe Morisot. Obviously neither name thrills the tongue. Please send your ideas to and help give her a name. I put up posters everywhere, trying to find homes for the kids. When I asked my son, How many cats before I become the crazy cat lady? He replied, "Two less than you already have". OMG We finally trapped the orange cat, neutered and released him through our local volunteer vets program. He disappeared for three days and finally showed up this morning for a meal, still feral. We named him Conan the Barbarian. Conan won't come near me now.

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