Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Accidents and Artistic Genius

Well, I got the original drawing copied at Staples, placed a good layer of Matt Gel Medium onto the masonite board, picked up the soaked copy and laid it down on the masonite and OMG, my masonite was a good two inches larger than the drawing. I had asked my husband to cut my boards months ago and forgot he did two sizes for me. Fortunately, I am great at spontaneous solutions. The copy paper was much larger than the image, so that I could wrap the ends over and adhere them to the back of the board. And I fortunately had laid the drawing on from the bottom end first which left all the added blank area at the top of the drawing. So........Genius that I am, I let it dry and continued my drawing to the top half of the board and paper. So now, almost the entire arched doorway is visible and I have left lots of open space for a title and such, if this were to become a book cover. I wish that I could have said this was all planned, but it was one of those happy accidents. My husband commented that it is a MUCH better composition now. Ouch, that hurt!

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