Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bird in Gallery and Solo Show Jury

I drove in to Alexandria today with five of my Gods and Goddesses paintings to drop off at the Art League Gallery. I am trying to get a solo show spot for 2013 at The Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory facility. I am one of 42 artists going before the jury on Monday and there are only 8 spots available for the show schedule in 2013. Pretty tough odds here, so I won't be too disappointed if I don't get a show. I had a show back in 2006 and because of the stiff competition and overwhelming number of artists, you can only try every 5 years for a show. Soooooo, everyone out there in cyberspace, please think positive thoughts for me.

While I was away, my hubby watched the gallery today. With the wonderful weather we are having, he left the door open for the fresh air and a tiny Titmouse flew in, circled three times and then landed on a panel for a few minutes. Then he flew back outside. Is that a good or bad omen? I think all wildlife is good, its definitely a good omen.

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