Friday, October 14, 2011

Gallery Closing

I have been putting off this blog post for as long as possible, but decided keeping quiet is counterproductive.

My landlords have sold their B & B along with the tiny building my gallery is in. What a shock. Especially since they told me,and the realtor told me no less than 3 times, that the building was not for sale back when they listed it in January. Of course, three other great sites were available in town at that time, but I let them slip away, after all I was secure. I hope Karma is paying attention.
And so, my life is in turmoil right now. Nothing reasonable or affordable is available in the area. I keep hoping each day, something will come my way, but it is now time for a new game plan.
I will keep searching until the last moment and keep all informed on new developments. Meanwhile, the Miniatures show is again, very successful, selling lots of the tiny little jewels and the Rappahannock Studio Tours is the weekend of November 5th and 6th. During the studio tours, I will offer jewelry and gift items at 20% off and all of my artwork at 30% off.

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