Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jennifer Rides a Beast

Working from home today with the kittens underfoot was great. Warm and cozy, loud rock music playing and I got into my zone.

This is the first drawing of an idea I got from this photo of Jennifer. Jennifer frequently models for me and on a recent photo shoot, I ended up with this picture that just screamed for her to be riding a beast of some sort. Wooly mammoth was my first thought, but too overused. So I sat with my IMC sketchbook in front of the TV one evening and did a series of thumbnails of possible ideas. This beast is what I have ended up with. My thoughts were, he should be large but agile and able to scale rocky cliffs and mountains. He should be bug like in the face, but elephant or dinosaur in his body appearance. The first quick sketch had him more like a dinosaur with the plates down the back which she could hook a leg over. I quickly rejected it....too overdone. I will continue to develop the drawing over the next two days. OH, my husband says, Lots of long hair on Jennifer this time. She is always wearing her hair pulled back in the photoshoots. So I will use my imagination or call her for some hair shots. Tonight is pizza night and a movie. Awesome

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