Friday, January 30, 2015

Hair and Face Continues

I worked a good long stretch today on the hair and mustache.  Built upon yesterdays work around the shadow side of his face and the light side of face, especially the ear and eye.  Placed a very rough blue shirt in, just so I know the colors surrounding the face, since this will affect flesh tones with the color that bounces back onto the face.
For me, it seems all my paintings have to endure an "UGLY" stage.  I am there right now.  A sort of limbo, I know what I am trying to achieve, but am falling short of it.  Just a few more strokes of paint and I will see something to be happy about again.  The likeness comes and goes at this stage.  First I love what I have done, then start to mess with it too much and WHAM, I lost what I thought was a likeness.   This is when I have to leave the painting and go for a walk or cup of coffee.  Time to rest the eyes now and come back with a fresh perspective.

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