Thursday, January 22, 2015

Photoshoot Session

I took literally hundreds of photographs during our meeting.  The room was not well lit, so I rearranged lamps and such to get the best light possible.  Normally, I paint my clients with a more serious expression and usually looking to the side in a 3/4 face pose.   I don't like to paint the client with a big toothy smile, but in this instance it would have been wrong to paint Mr. Eledge any other way than smiling.  I found him to be a very warm and outgoing person.  He was someone who easily smiled and laughed the entire time of our meeting.  I could not get him to not smile.  Even his serious face had a crooked bit of smile.  Mr. Eledge was easily the friendliest person I have met in years. 
And so, after reviewing the hundreds of photos, I am putting these two together to create a composition that includes the posture and hands of this photo and the forward looking face of the other photos.   

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