Monday, January 26, 2015

Sketch Near Completion

Much warmer in the studio today and no wine breaks were taken today.  As you can see here, the portrait sketch phase is near completion.  But, again putting the two images onto the computer allows me to immediately spot areas for change. I will make a few more adjustments today and call it finished.
Another observation method I use is, to position my easel in my studio so that I can look at it from the doorway into our kitchen.  The doorway is three steps above the studio floor and about 18 feet across the room so that I can get a reduced view much like on the computer.  I can casually glance at whatever I am working on while preparing meals.  These fleeting glances often reveal adjustments I simply overlooked when being up too close to the artwork.
Again, this sketch is a self education process.  I am learning the subjects face, expression and trying to get an overall sense of personality onto the paper before I begin the actual oil painting. At this point I am generally happy with the direction I am going.

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