Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bittersweet Ending

This week, I traveled to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC to clean out my copyist locker and pick up my painting. Because of the ever worsening gas situation, DC's parking meter hikes and the lack of parking, not to mention the incredible 2 hour drive in rush hour traffic, I simply was not enjoying copying at the NGA very much anymore, because of the stress of getting into DC. I also have Lupus, which is directly affected by stress. This photo is of me standing beside the last painting I was working on copying. I have it about 2/3rds finished and it was quite a huge undertaking. The painting is by Willem Claesz Heda and is called Banquet Piece with Mince Pie.
I intend to finish it from photos, although this is not the best method, since I won't be able to really see the true colors or brushwork. This incredible journey of self instruction at the National Gallery started in 2001 and has been invaluable to my education.
Don't I look sad? I am!

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