Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finally, A Good Start

Alice sat for me again Monday. I tried twice to get going with the color. You can see that some of the original sketch is visible. Finally after painting and then wiping off all I had painted, I took Alice to lunch thinking that fresh eyes would see where I was going wrong. When we returned from lunch, I wiped off the whole mess again. I then realized that I was trying to paint like Michael Shane Neal and that just was not how my mind works. He is very fast and loose, laying in the planes of the face and sculpting the head rapidly and all the while carrying on a conversation with the model.
So I told Alice that we would try it my way. I don't talk alot while I work and I am slow and deliberate with my color mixing and strokes. This is the result of one hour at my own pace and my own style.

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