Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quilt Painting Begun

I have been commissioned to do a painting of a very special quilt. I visited with the client to get a sense of their desires and ideas and took thousands of photos. After reviewing the photos, I did three sketches in color of three ideas I had for the composition and mailed them to the client. I have received back the client's choice of composition and size desired. Yesterday I began the painting by sketching it onto the canvas with charcoal. I began to wash in the background using a very thin mixture of color and turp. I will continue on the painting today and take some photos for the next blog.

Also, got an hour in the yard this morning. Planting some dwarf Alberta Spruces in pots around the fishpond. Swept a bazillion ants into the pond and the fish went crazy.......I am their favorite human.

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