Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online Galleries Alert and Portrait Challenge

I am now receiving a bazillion emails from angry artists wanting to unsubscribe from a site called Stay away from the site which was supposed to be an online gallery. It is actually some sort of virus and somehow all of us are being bombarded with each others angry requests to unsubscribe.

I am such a technological dinosaur and can't imagine how this works or how I can stop it. I just deleted 84 angry emails directed at buzzmyart, but somehow sent to me. If anyone has advice, please send asap.

Also, my session with Alice this past weekend was a bust, I froze up again. Then the next day, my model was sick and could not make it. I am calling it quits for the challenge for now, since there is just one week to go and I am not going to make it to the goal of 10 portrait studies.

On the positive side, my drawing "Study for Venus" was juried into the Art League Gallery show this month. It is a trois crayon drawing which I posted not long ago.

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