Thursday, August 12, 2010

Barney is back

Barney paid us another visit and this time he tore down our bluebird nestbox which was on a 4x4 pressure treated post. He was after whatever was in the box...ants or mice, since the bluebirds were not there anymore. The box is a total loss. Still no pictures of Barney.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    How old is Barney? If he is young (say a year old or so) he may have recently been separated from his Mom and sibblings. Young bears are very confused and have a hard time trying to figure out why all of a sudden they are alone. It is a scary time for them. We have one here again this year and was very thin when he first showed up. We fed him for awhile (away from our cabin) to fatten him up a bit and then stopped so that he would hopefully move on up to the higher mountains to hibernate. He did locate our neighbor's orchard so was happy finding all the delicious fruit (owners are not there right now...thank goodness). We had to stop feeding the birds so that he wouldn't depend on humans to feed him.
    I hope your Barney finds his way into the mountains and lives a long and happy life.
    Thank you for sharing about him! I adore black bears!! I will send you a photo of Wee Otis :O)