Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Venus

This is my new Venus model. She works at the Inn and lives very close to my studio in Washington. Originally, I asked her to pose for simply a head study. During a conversation I mentioned I needed someone for a Medusa portrait and she jumped at the opportunity to pose for my Gods and Goddesses series. On the first day that she came in for photographs and sketching, it became abundantly apparent that she was no Medusa and I felt Venus more closely suited her personality. I have the initial face blocked in on top of the previous model's body and background. Notice that the new head is larger than the previous model. I fully intend to redo the body in a larger matching size from the new model also.

This young lady has eyes that just draw you in and her upward gaze also makes me think she would be an excellent irgin Mary or some other religious person....maybe an angel.

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