Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Venus

I have progressed a bit and you can see that I am placing the lights on the arms. I also wanted to establish the white dress with what I had squeezed out onto the palette for the day. Rather than waste it, I slapped it onto the canvas and used it to start getting a better idea of the body, since I am not using the previous body of the previous model.
My well meaning husband picked two bushel baskets of pears from our tree, thinking he was doing me a service by getting the fruit before the bear, crows and deer did. Guess how many quart jars of pears that will end up being? No way on earth I am doing all that fruit. I have already made 6 pints of preserves and three quarts of pears in syrup, and that was only one sixth of a basket. Oh my poor arthritic wrists!

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