Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Saint Alice

I got some more time in working on Saint Alice. I have added the little hummingbirds holding her halo. I actually took a picture two days ago, of 7 hummingbirds all at my feeder at the same time. Four were sitting and feeding and three were hovering a few inches away. I mailed a copy of the picture to my Aunt Judy who took the goldfinch pictures for me last year.
I also have blocked in Timmy the cat.
I now must tackle the dress and I hate to admit it, but I hate painting drapery. Cloth befuddles me. I just can't make convincing folds. But there was a time, I could not paint hands. So I am going to spend this winter focusing on drapery at least three mornings a week until I can paint the most exquisite cloth ever seen.

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