Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Normal Day

The usual routine for this artist begins at 5:30 and looks like this.
Fix breakfast and pack lunch for husband. Grab a sip of my coffee which I made while feeding the dog and five cats. Oh, also put in eye drops and take Lupus meds. Next, push husband out the door and finally get to sit by my fishpond with a cup of coffee for 10 minutes. Run and take a shower, dress for the day, turn on computer and download a bazillion e-mails. Read and answer the really immediate e-mails with my second cup of coffee. Now, because my fruit tree was abundant this year and the husband picked way too many pears....peel and slice and process 5 pints of pear preserves. Now try to squeeze in two hours of painting on the little 2 x 3 inch miniature of George Washington. I used a googled image of George to work from. The whole mini took five hours stretched out over a four day period.
Back into the kitchen to peel, slice and process more pears. While pears were in the canner, I took a small pumpkin from my garden and made a fabulous crock pot pumpkin bisque for our dinner tonight. OK, done with the pears and dinner is on the table....Brett announces that I should can some more pears, since he is going to spend the evening mowing our four acres.
HELP!!! After peeling, slicing and processing three more quarts of pears, my wrists were screaming and I headed to the sofa with a big glass of wine. I fell into bed at 10:00.
Thats my typical day when I don't go to the gallery. On those days my gallery is open, I am out the door at 9:00 am and in heaven at the easel by 10:30. I actually get to paint all day and come home to an easy meal made by the husband or myself at 6:30. We watch some tv after dinner or answer e-mails before bed at 10:00.

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