Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Amazon Changes

I had already said that the snakebeast would change as the painting progressed. Even in the early drawing stage, I saw that there was not enough action to hold your interest in this piece. So, now the snakebeast has an open mouth and a menacing eye. Also, I walked into the studio to work on it again and did not like the anatomy of her left leg, the one on the ground inside the snakebeast. As I write this, I am trying to remember the flesh on the dragons that Boris Vallejo did up at the Illustration Master Class last year. I am wishing now I had taken a closeup of that. He uses color like no one else.....I remember blues and pinks within the flesh and then lavendar and greens.......I will pay closer attention when I return to the IMC in June.

I still love my heavy doors behind the Amazon......taken from a photo of Stearns Steeple in Amherst. I did take the value down a notch by laying in a glaze over the entire building. This helped push the Amazon into the forefront. Your eye goes to her now.

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