Saturday, December 17, 2011

Painting Surfaces

The Fed Ex guy delivered my new 10 yard roll of Oil Primed Belgian Linen yesterday. Nothing on the planet compares to a newly stretched Belgian Linen surface. I have used many many surfaces over the years (including a stint as a faux finisher, painting walls and murals) and I always come back to oil primed linen. It costs more than twice the price of acrylic primed cotton duck, but it is so superior in longevity and feel. I must admit I hate the first layer that takes forever to go on and seems to slip right off, but when I get into the guts of the painting, WOW, what a difference from other surfaces. Lately, I have been trying a technique learned at the IMC last summer. Taking a drawing to Staples and having them copy it onto a paper used for blueprint copies by homebuilders. After affixing the copy to a masonite board, I give it numerous coats of Acrylic Gel Medium to protect the copy (from my original drawing, not a photograph, EEEEWWWWW) and prepare the surface for painting. When dry, I can paint in oils or acrylics over it. And, I still have my original drawing to be framed later or just saved for posterity. But, I have found that it seems this surface sucks all the oils from my paints and it may just be my mind, but the colors seem flat to me and I keep trying to punch them up. Anyway, oil primed linen has a wonderful smell also, unlike acrylic primes which have no smell. This morning, my studio smells so good, I just want to go right to work on something. Guess I will stretch that canvas this evening when I get in from the gallery/studio in little Washington. Now, Go Paint!

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