Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deer Roundup & Missing Socks

We pulled into our driveway the other evening to find 9 deer on our front lawn getting ready to bed down for the night. Since we don't hunt, we decided to play car cowboy roundup instead. We drove across the lawn herding the deer unsuccessfully. Four headed one way and five scattered in another direction. Keep in mind, we were creeping the car along, so as not to frighten them into the road. Most nights, we see their eyes in the dark, in our back field, which is too rough to herd deer in.
The kittens are in the hall fighting right now. Rockie, the larger of the two is crying out like a little girl. Such a baby when Monet gets the best of him. Just a few moments ago, Brett was putting on his socks and shoes. Rocky grabbed one of the socks from the floor and ran up the hall and under the sofa with it. Too Cute!

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