Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IMC Update

Just a quick update before turning in for the night.  I had a fantastic day today.  The cold is finally getting better.  I actually started getting some paint on the panel.  My background sky and three gorillas.  This is a Tarzan painting!  Well,  I was really pleased with the gorillas I drew back home when preparing for the IMC.  Remember how I gloated, but just knew they would require changes.  Well, first thing this morning Marc Scheff, an illustrator I admire, came around and told me the apes were great, even from across the room.  OK, so a  little bit later, Boris Vallejo (superstar artist) came around and commented on how good the painting was looking, especially the apes.  So now I am on a real high.  OK,  later in the day, Julie Bell (another superstar artist I admire) comes around and said my gorillas were looking great and she loved the colors in my background sky.  Well, by now I am needing oxygen, because I have left the atmosphere and am floating in space.  I am thinking that this day just could not get any better.  But wait, it did!  Irene Gallo, Art Director at Tor Books, came around and just smiled and smiled and said my gorilla was fantastic.  I can't believe all the complements I got on the apes today.  I will photograph them tomorrow and post them when I get back.


  1. So happy for you, Linda. Can't wait for the photos when you return. I've appreciated your updates too. Hope you continue to feel better. Good luck with the final finish.

  2. Thanks, Kim. I am finally getting back on track here in the studio. Photos coming today.