Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tarzan is not Lefthanded

Yesterday was long, 6 am til 9 pm nonstop learning and I went to bed exhausted.  The critique went as expected and I learned more in one day about composition than you could ever imagine.  Did you know that Tarzan is not lefthanded?  My original concept sketch has Tarzan holding his knife in his left hand and ready to plunge the knife into a lion.  Before leaving home, dear sweet hubby, posed for some reference photos, holding the knife in his left hand as I asked.  Hubby protested bitterly that it was awkward and needed to be changed.  Naturally being female and smarter than he, I did not change the pose.  So during the critique yesterday, Master Artist, Boris Vallejo advised me that Tarzan needed to be flipped so that he would be right handed.  Boris explained that the majority of the world's population is righthanded and we should paint for the majority norm, when doing illustration.  Otherwise, most folks will perceive it as off or not quite right looking.  OK Hubby, I am only saying this once, you are right and I am wrong.  I am turning in now, it was another long day, filled with exciting demonstrations and art making. 

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