Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Master Class Update

I did not post yesterday, I was sick.  I caught a head cold on Monday, which became a chest cold.  On Sunday, I also discovered that my brand new Dell laptop, will not download photos off of my camera card.  Fortunately, we have an abundance of digital artists here and although they could not fix my computer, one did loan me a cord so I could hook my camera straight into the computer and I got my reference photos transfered.  Don't expect any photos on the blog until I can return home and use the studio computer.  OK, so I got up this morning and headed for my car at the campus parking lot, gonna go get some major drugs and not let this cold ruin my trip.  Got into my car and discovered my windshield had a crack 25inches across from the drivers side to almost the passenger side.  Looks like a chip from a rock started it.  I am beginning to think I have an evil spirit following me around.
Well, I took some SudaFed and Robitussin and took a nap at lunchtime.  I am now back on my feet and continuing to enjoy the IMC.  Its amazing, all the talented artists that have come together here in Amherst.  If you don't recognize the following names, you really should look them up on Google.  You will see why I am in Art Rockstar Heaven......Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Rebecca Guay, Ian McCaig, Greg Manchess, James Gurney, Scott Fischer, Brom, Dan Dosantos, Donato Giancola.  OH, wait til you see the painting I  am creating.  James Gurney complemented my design, and Julie Bell complemented my color combinations and style.  WAY COOL!  

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