Thursday, June 7, 2012

Packing for IMC trip

I am super excited today.  Packing this morning for the IMC trip.  I hope to leave tomorrow morning at 3:00 am so as to avoid all the major rush hours and reach Amherst early enough to check in and then hop back into my car and drive another hour and a half over to Stockbridge Massachusetts and see the Norman Rockwell Museum.  I have had some minor setbacks this week, but have managed to overcome.  Lupus flaired up on Saturday, I am better and YIPPEE, I have lost another 2 pounds.  Thanks and Kisses to my husband for staying up last night until 11:30 and printing out 100 business cards with Medusa on them.  I had ordered some, they arrived and were not up to my standards.  I have now given up trying to find an online business card printer.  Just when I think I have found one, the next order turns out to be awful.  I had my car washed last Friday and interior cleaned for the trip.  My antenna was broken off.  But, the car wash manager came through and replaced it for me yesterday.  I will continue to be a car wash customer.  I love it when people do the honorable thing.  I ordered some clothing for the trip three weeks ago.  Order got lost, but showed up yesterday.  Is it me or are all the stars in heavens in alignment this week?  Oh, must be the Venus crossing the sun thing!

My next post will be from the dorms at Amherst College. 


  1. Have a safe journey and a wonderful time this year Linda. Make sure you take photos and good notes to share.

  2. You can bet on it Kim. I sure wish we could meet up sometime. Hey, I saw you got notice of John Ennis's workshop on the portrait coming up. Are you going? Its not that far from me that I could not drive up for the day. I love John Ennis. He is a standup kinda guy and a phenominal portrait artist.