Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Haircolor Adjustment

Well I finally got around to fixing the haircolor.  I should mention at this time that with regard to color, every color effects the color sitting next to it.  My flesh tones were very light and warm, while the background is very dark and cool.  The light warm flesh was making the golden hair color look pale and colorless when in fact the yellows were much too strong.  Because I was looking at the painting from a very close perspective, my eyes became blinded to the yellows.  Kind of like when you are in a snowy landscape on a sunny day, your eyes become snow blind.  When I finally uploaded my photo to the computer monitor, I saw the reality of what I had painted.  I also, became aware of my mistake after I had finished for the day and was viewing the painting from across the room.  Lesson Learned......always take frequent breaks and get back from the painting for a fresh perspective.   I have repainted the hair using a cool tan and brown mix with hints of Pthalo Green and Yellow Ochre highlights.

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