Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Neck and Beard

I got up really early today, had a very early appointment in town.  I went out the door and waiting for me was Bambi and her fawn.  I have been feeding the two deer and she has become pretty tame.  I was not prepared and had no food for her, and as I headed to my car, she followed me to the driveway.  I guess she is getting a bit too tame.  So this afternoon I looked out the studio windows and there was Bambi with about 15 of her best friends.  Guess she was getting even with me for not feeding her this morning. 
 I hope to get some real close ups for you to view, shortly.  Started off today's session working on the neck and shadow created by the shirt collar, laid in the lips a bit and started fleshing out the neck and beard.  Took another pass at the ears also, adjusting the shapes and colors in them.  As I work on any one area, I may spot an area elsewhere that also uses the color I am working with.  This is when I will take a dab of the color I just used and place it in the area where I see that same color.  This adds to the continuity of the painting. 

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