Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lemons Finished

I worked on the lemons this morning. I wanted to draw attention to the left side and foreground lemon, so I brightened the yellows and whites, put in some detail on the peel and front edge of the table. Still not happy with the travel of the eye in the painting, I decided to darken the table more at the back and I darkened the four grapes in the back and reduced the highlight spots to a middle value. The final touches were to brighten the color on the one foreground grape and put in a very bright highlight on that one grape. I used a tiny bit of Phthalo Green and added it to white to create just a tint of color for my highlights. I used this same tint for the highlights on the lemons. I used a crappy old brush and simply dabbed the paint on to create a dimpled peel effect. I will probably frame this in a gold plein air style frame and have it on hand for the February 14th celebration of my one year anniversary at the Ice House Gallery.

I am thinking that I should commit these little lessons to a future instructional book or maybe set up some internet classes. I have looked into e-bay sales and paypal. I don't think that is the route for me though. Since I am already set up to accept charges, I think I will offer work on this site in the future and allow folks to purchase with Visa, Mastercharge, Discover and American Express.

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