Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not a Painting a Day Painter

Just a reminder to followers of this journal, I am not a painting a day painter. It is not my intention to "crank out" art at the cost of quality. Yes, I manage to pick up a paint brush or do something art related each day of my life, but I don't just whip out something so I can say I am a painting a day painter.

That said, I do try to do a small study when I think I have a good idea for a larger work. Sometimes I will see the idea was not so good and this way I eliminate a lot of wasted effort on bad subjects or compositions. This little 5 x 7 is just such a study. I think this shows promise and before long I intend to do a larger version of this study.

The study is called "Too Wet To Plow" and is framed in a gold plein air style frame for $175.00

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