Monday, February 1, 2010

Lemons, Second Session

OK, I stayed home from work one more day "Because of the Snow". Actually, my body was not cooperating with me yesterday and the warm house was a better option. Here is the second short session on the lemons. At this point I have invested maybe three hours total in this little painting. Its on a 8" x 10" gesso board.
The depth is well established now, the grapes are starting to shape up and I am quite happy with the table edge progress. BUT, do you ever do something even though you know very well it is not going to work? Yep, me too. I have known for years and years that Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue is semi opaque. And yet, I tried to cover the first layer as though I was using an opaque color. Very frustrating! And to further complicate things, this particular brand was very oily and I had previous marks of dark color streaks in the lemons from the first session. After fussing with it for way too long, I realized what I was trying to do and stopped. I picked up some Titanium White and added it to the yellow and that made it opaque. Unfortunately, I have now made my color chalky. So, I tell myself to not stress over this, just put a nice glaze of lemon yellow over the lemons near the end. This will punch up the color just before I lay in the highlights and reflected lights. Next time, start chalky and then glaze it. DUH!

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