Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lemons Revisited & Another Blizzard

Our second blizzard of the week started last night and is really cranking up now, so I need to get this posted before we loose our utilities again. No electric means no computer. No telephones means no communication at all.
I placed the little lemon painting which I felt might be done, up on a shelf in the studio. I do this so that I can glance at my paintings as I pass by for a few days. I will usually either still love the painting or find something I have missed, after a few days. It only took me two hours to spot a real problem with the painting. I felt like the lemons looked cut out and pasted on. I realized that although I had soft edges everywhere, the back left lemon was too bright and the same values as the foreground lemons. So I took it down a value or two and subdued the colors and eliminated the highlight. I also punched up the color and raised the value of the two grapes on the right, although I did not give them a bright highlight. I think this has worked wonders for the painting.
This painting is "Tres Lemons", 8 x 10 , Price $325.00 I accept Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

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