Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sara Linda Poly classes

I am so excited this week. On March 2, I will start a Plein Air Painting class with master artist, Sara Linda Poly. I have long admired her work and was fortunate enough to sublet her studio a few times when she was going to be away for an extended period of time. It was this experience which led me to leasing my own studio away from my house. I found that having a dedicated space away from home, greatly improved my productivity and focus. Also, I got to view her works up close and found great inspiration there.

A friend asked me why I would take a landscape class when I paint landscapes so well.

Simple answer: No artist should ever stop taking classes. There is always something else to learn. I have long wished to improve my landscapes, so I am taking a class from someone who's work I greatly admire.

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  1. How is the Sarah Poly class going Linda? Is it once a week or week long? Is it watercolor or oil? If it's watercolor you may be in there with a friend of mine...Lesa Cook. Say HI for me :) Hope it's going great!