Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow and Art

Snow and Art do not mix. I have just spent the last three days digging out from the snowstorm of the century. We lost our electricity and telephone and let me tell you, it is near impossible to be enthusiastic about painting when your studio is at 50 degrees. So we sat huddled by our gas log fireplace in the livingroom and waited. Our only entertainment was a battery powered radio and lots of good reading material. Then at 5:30 it was too dark to do anything, so we slept. Let me explain about country electric means no lights, no toilets, no running water, no hot showers, no heat and unless you have a gas stove there is no cooking. Although my husband is smiling for the camera, by Sunday afternoon, he was ready to pack it in and move to the city. We spent a lot of our two days off, shoveling out and our poor dog Molly, bottomed out in the snow and had no place to go potty. So we shoveled her an area to do her business in. Today I warm again and actually working on the lemons again. I discovered something I had missed and am reworking some areas. I will report on that tomorrow.

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