Friday, July 30, 2010

Barney the Bear Visits

This morning while I was enjoying my morning coffee by the fishpond, I spotted Barney the Bear walking around the parimeter of my garden which is fenced with plastic mesh fencing. Although the fencing will keep deer out, bears are another story. I fear that as soon as Barney figures out he is stronger than the fence, all my garden will become his feast. Barney is a male that I spotted a few weeks back crossing the road just 2/10s of a mile from my driveway. He is probably the same bear that destroyed our bird feeder last year. This year we took down the feeder as soon as flowers started blooming. As usual, my camera was in the house and I was in my slippers and bathrobe. My first impulse was to get Molly my boxer back into the house. She would certainly think that Barney was a big black dog and I shudder at the thought of Molly trying to chase the bear the way she chases off the deer.

Speaking of deer, I just looked out the studio window to the garden and saw Bambi with two spotted babies munching on the pear tree beside the garden.

That's all tonight from the garden of Eden.

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