Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Falls Finished

I finished the Great Falls painting on Monday. I spent the entire weekend assessing it and looking for flaws or areas to rework. First thing on Monday morning, I reworked the foreground rocks, the value was fine, but I felt they needed more diversity in size and shapes. I also added some warm lights on them, to make sure they were tied to the colors of the mid area rocks. I also used some very dark green along the left side of the painting to tie the trees to the rocky edge of the waters. This helped to anchor the tree line to the land. The painting should be dry enough to frame next week.


  1. I LOVE this work Linda!!! As an avid whitewater kayaker who spent thousands of hours (seriously..over a 15 year period) on the Potomac river I am thrilled to see such an exquisite work of the place I love. You captured it perfectly.......well done!

  2. Thanks for the complement. Folks who visit the gallery also recognized the location without any help which means I must have done it justice.