Friday, July 16, 2010

Quilt Commission

I have debated long and hard over posting this on my blog, but felt it my duty to discuss this for the benefit of the novice artist.

In every artist's career there comes a commission that was just never meant to be and must be abandoned. After receiving a request by a client that sought me out to the point of after seeing my work at a show years ago, and asking other galleries where they could find me, I started a painting for them. I received almost half of the commission price, had an initial painting over 1/2 finished and had at least 45 hours work into the project. At this point the client saw the painting on the blog and came out to visit and tell me it was not what they wanted. I could see they were wanting to ask for the money back, but I felt I could satisfy them and we agreed that I would start the commission over. I did an initial sketch on a new canvas and sent photos to them for approval. After waiting a week to hear back and continue, the client called very upset and wanted out and their money back. After trying to reason for a long time on the phone, I finally decided that nothing I could do would ever please this client so I said I wanted out also, but would discuss the money situation with my attorney. After speaking with my attorney, I informed the client they could have all but the initial deposit back and that money would remain mine for compensation for the time and travel I had already put into the project.

I share this with you because, every artist encounters just such a situation and you must never let it destroy your confidence in your abilities. My artwork receives numerous awards each year. My painting Adonis-My Son just received an award and cash. Never let one unreasonable individual shake your confidence or stall your progress forward. Just remember, the novel Gone With The Wind was rejected 54 times before it was finally published. And if you sell more than one painting in your lifetime, you are doing better than Van Gogh did.

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