Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Laying around with Lupus

Today is not a normal gallery day for me and I usually use Wednesdays to catch up in the home office. I am not getting as much accomplished as I had intended today, my Lupus has flared up terribly and I am spending too much time with the sofa. My whole body aches today, especially my neck, back and wrists. To my credit, I did manage to clear all the paperwork from my desk and answer every e-mail. I have even worked on a small commission piece. I am pleased at the organization and neatness I now have in my home studio/office.

For the next three months most of my focus will be on the 2nd Annual Little Washington Miniatures Exhibition and I need everything organized. I won't have a minute to breath and very little time to paint once that competition is under way.

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